Call for Papers

ICMCR encourages submissions from both academia and industry. Potential authors are invited to submit papers on the following tracks, for each track, paper topics may include:

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Genetic Algorithms
Fuzzy Control
Machine Learning in Control Applications
Knowledge-based Systems Applications
Distributed Control Systems
Evolutionary Computation and Control
Software Agents for Intelligent Control Systems
Neural Networks based Control Systems
Robotics, Mobile Platforms, Unmanned Vehicles
Mechatronics applications in agriculture and regional industries
Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Motion Control
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Control
System Integration
Sensors and Actuators, Haptics and Networks
Automotive and Transportation Systems
Micro/Nano Mechatronics
Vibration and Noise Control
Mechatronics in Energy Systems
Modelling and Design
Fault detection and Diagnosis in Mechatronics Systems
Human-Machine Interface
Applications (Medical, Bioengineering, Aeronautics, ...)
Mechatronics Applications in Cyber-physical Systems
Mechatronics in Tertiary Education

Special Session: Futuristic Robotic Underwater Vehicles

Session Chairs: Dr. Neil Bose; Ms. Jimin Hwang

The aim of this special session on futuristic robotic underwater vehicles is to focus ideas on advances expected over  the next 10-20 years in the development of underwater vehicles. 

Topics can include:

1.       Advances in underwater communications and/or navigation;
2.       Developments in energy storage and endurance leading to long range;
3.       Assessment and mitigation of marine pollution;
4.       Environmental energy harvest mechanisms; 
5.       Advances in autonomous capabilities and artificial intelligence.